• Stainless steel

    handicrafts tanks and vessels

    metal carpentry

    Present on the European market for over twenty years

  • Stainless steel

    handicrafts tanks and vessels

    metal carpentry

    to offer the appropriate solution to the customer's needs

Stainless steel handicrafts tanks and vessels metal carpentry.

Further to careful and exclusive craftwork, M.B. Inox has established itself on the market and, for the past twenty years, has been working as though it were a fashion house for stainless steel handicrafts, by developing solutions tailored to suit the customer’s requirements. During the 2008 financial year, the evolutionary process resulted in the Company’s decision to give an opportunity to the emerging managers from among the young entrepreneurs constituting the board of directors, by putting into effect the generational handing over of know-how and expertise from father to son that only the senior generation can convey, thus ensuring business continuity and creating synergy between past and future. The guide lines laid out by the new management in these last few years allow decision making based on their innovative business philosophy: energy and willpower, flexibility and adaptability, all of which are aimed at providing the customer with guaranteed and adequate after sales service and the best assistance with regard to customer- supplier relationships.

What we do


All of our tanks and vessels are made to meet the market specific requirements as regards the following fields:

Dairy industry

Egg processing

Chocolate industry

Vegetable and animal oils processing

Wine production

Beer industry

Soft drinks industry

Canning industry

Meat industry

Chemical industry


Pharmaceutical industry

Biotech applications


Our installations

some examples of the installations carried out at our customers.

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